Underwater Fetish


THIS CLIP REACHED #1 TOP STUDIO IN CATEGORY SMOTHERITALIAN SPEAKINGAfter a hard days filming, I went to my spa for some relaxation. As I brought my slave along to carry my bags, I decided to make him even more useful. However, I didn’t bring my camera so I decided to film using only my mobile phone. As I playfully enjoy bathing, I call my slave over. He thinks he’s going to be allowed to relax. Not so… I’m going to have some unusual fun with him. Of course, he’s going to suffer for me. As I have him in the water, I place my feet over his body and force him down until he’s completely submerged. I need to see how long my bitch can last. He struggles for breathe and I allow him to surface. Only to quickly push him under again, this time holding him with my feet over his face. He splashes to try to come up, but I’m too strong for him and keep him under water. I can see his cock, and it’s quite a throbber. What a strange place to get a erection, while being tortured under water. I had no idea how this would affect my bitch. I continue using my feet to make him suffer, holding his nose between my toes. With his hand on his cock, he eventually orgasms in the water. What a filthy slut!! It’s the first time I have had a slave cum and generate orgasmic bubbles…Also available in Iphone/mobile Format